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Grave Marker

Rose Hill Cemetary, Idaho Falls


In 2008, I was asked by a family in Idaho Falls to create a memorial marker for their parents.  In my search for stones, I found a large piece of gneiss.  It was a field stone covered with lichens.  I took this stone and cut it into five slabs, each about six inches thick.  I polished each cut surface and then stacked them in order to reassemble the original stone.  However, in reassembling these pieces, I rotated each slab slightly so as to reveal some of the polished surfaces within.  I then inscribed the names of the interred upon these surfaces.  The inscriptions are both in English and Japanese (these inscriptions are not shown here out of respect for the family).


Gneiss, granite, stainless steel

36 (tall) x 26 x 45 inches