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In Gansu Province, on one of the walls of the Yulin Caves (I think Cave 25), there is a painting outlining various subjects of meditation. Near the end of this sequence is an image of ice, rendered as triangular crystals such as might form on the top of a pond in winter. I love this invitation to ponder something so familiar and so foreign. For my own part, meteorites have been the source of a similarly abstract meditation, with my mind returning again and again to the notion of gravity, as if the subject of my meditation was an invisible force rather than the object itself. In the paintings that emerged from this, the tenuous strings suggest a very different relationship to gravity and thus impart a new momentum to these stones that have fallen from the sky. When Chinese poets and artists such as Sikong Tu and Dong Qichang say they are searching for momentum, I believe that the search they speak of is for the quality of momentum that sheds light on the inner mind.