Nirvana Exhibition



Nirvana: Ecological Meditations by Ian Boyden

Foundry Vineyards

1111 Abadie St.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

ph: 509-529-0736



February 27 – May 31, 2015

Opening Reception: February 27, 5-7 pm


Press Release:




I am delighted to be exhibiting at the beautiful Foundry Vineyards Gallery. I will be uploading images of the installation, opening reception, and other events over the course of the exhibition. Stay tuned!


Ian Boyden discussing the carbon density of The Nirvana Scrolls




Ian Boyden binding The Nirvana Scrolls




Invitation card for "Nirvana."





The Nirvana Scrolls, 83 x 468 inches, 2015




Nirvana Scroll, No. 1, 83 x 44 inches, 2015


Jay Anderson delivering a pallet of self-portraits in preparation for the assembly of Dire Human


Installing Dire Human, 5 x 14 feet, 2015



Installing Dire Human, 5 x 14 feet, 2015


Dire Human, 5 x 14 feet, 2015


Mark Anderson looking at Amorphous, carbon on canvas, 9 x 14 feet.


Half of The Nirvana Scrolls to the left; and Amorphous to the right.