Cover of basalt magazine (Vol. 9, no. 1, 2014).

Refletion/Refraction, No. 1. 2014.

Meteorite, cinnabar, gold, and carbon on paper.



Very honored to have my work featured in the current issue of basalt magazine. In addition to the cover, there is a eight-page full-color portfolio of paintings and books, as well as an article by Timothy C. Ely. Ely's essay, "With Forces Older than Our Sun," can be read online here. If you would like the original magazine (which I highly recommend!) you can order it from the basalt website.


Here is an excerpt from Tim's essay:


"Boyden is a visionary, in part because he is ecologically sensitive when it comes to the ramifications of life/nature and a philosophy of being. This position doesn't take him outside of nature, but demonstrates a fundamental understanding of our being embedded in processes and forces far larger than ourselves. My initial encounter with the first leaves of Field of Sky, polished to a mirror finish, gave me a glance of this, generating a confrontation with our habit of always opening a book with a goal of reading to translate the human inventory of the graspable. Boyden's pages allow a glimpse of the parts of ourselves made of stars."