Habitation: Collected Poems

By Sam Hamill


Forthcoming from Lost Horse Press


Really honored to have one of my paintings featured on the cover of Sam Hamill's forthcoming book: Habitation: Collected Poems. This is a painting inspired by a poem that he wrote for me titled "Edible Earth." Here's a section from that poem:


Not our own, this earth.
For us, only the sacrament
of its fruitfulness,
and the great mystery,
and the mystery of our passing.

The tallest trees bend,
feathers in the wind,
and we marvel
at the sound of water in the moonlight.

Not ours, this mystery we enter,
this strange habitation.
The tide rises.
The river and the trees,
the stones and the man abide.

Tasting the wine, terroir,
is tasting the earth and sun.
Tasting the fish
is breathing the sea.

My brother, the blind poet,
uses his ears to see.
High overhead, the Southern Cross,
the River of Heaven, Ursa the Bear.