Installation by Anna Hepler

Suyama Space, May-August 2011


Today, I would like to sing the praises of Anna Hepler.


Anna is an extraordinary artist and a magnificent person. I have known Anna and followed her work for 15 years and continue to do so even now, although I am thwarted by her recent decision to to live on the island of oblivion somewhere in the Bay of Fundy. Last year, just before I came to China, she put together an installation titled Bloom at Suyama Space in Seattle. The inimitable Beth Sellars, curator of Suyama Space, invited me to write an essay about this installation. I lept at the invitation to articulate some of my thoughts about Anna's work and ended up writing an essay titled "The Bloom of Breath." The first two paragraphs read:


To address Anna Hepler's Bloom is to address breath: both as a metaphysical material of the active imagination and as a physical material in the artist's hands.

In a very real sense Bloom is a living object, a giant heart or lung, transforming Suyama Space, by extension, into the body of some grand architectural Leviathan. As we journey into the chest of this creature, we are rewarded with an unforgettable experience—one that is at once mirthful as we search for analogues in tide pools and tantric verse, dizzying as we try to empathize with its impossibly long breath cycle, and enigmatic as it both suggests and ultimately defies the intimacy of any known corollary.


The rest of my essay can be read HERE. But don't just read my essay, also check out all of these links:


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