Display at GeoDécor

February 7, 2011, Tucson, AZ

photograph by Anissa Tai

The man with his hand casually resting on a giant meteorite is Marvin Killgore, the proprietor of Southwest Meteorite Laboratory.  For the past two years, I've been exhibiting my work with Marvin's meteorites at GeoDécor, during the gem and mineral show in Tucson. Last year, I exhibited my first meteorite book in the shadow of a giant mammoth.  This year, several of my paintings are on display along with some really giant pieces of cosmic iron.  The paintings you can see on the walls are made with pigments derived from meteorites. 

If you're in Tucson go check it out.


1635 North Oracle Road, #5

Tucson, Arizona 85705

Ph: 520.398.7008