Installation of "Eccentric Orbits"

Willow Gallery

2 East Rose Street

Walla Walla, WA 99362


Here is a photograph of my exhibition "Eccentric Orbits," at Willow Gallery.  I placed two objects in the center of the gallery to act as counter-points to the paintings on the wall.  On the pedestal in the foreground rests a nickle-iron meteorite.  It is from meteorites such as this one that I derive most of the pigments that I used in the exhibition.  This particular meteorite will soon become a meteorite book.  A large piece of foramenate limestone stands on the pedestal behind.  Several years ago, I curated an exhibition titled "Roots of Clouds, Transcendence of Stone at Whitman College."  For that exhibition I wrote an essay titled "Nepholithos: Reveries Involving the Inversion of Cloud and Stone," in which I contemplated ways stones act in our imagination.  This particular piece of limestone has become something of a meteorite-cloud in my mind.  I have painted it extensively.  You can see the stone's influence on the large painting hanging on the wall behind it.