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I often work in collaboration with other writers and artists.  Below is a list of some of them and the projects that we worked on together.  These are some of my most cherished people and are way more than what I say they are, or could possibly say they are in a sentence.  Most of the names are linked to sites that give further information about who they are and what they do.



QIANSHEN BAI (白謙慎): Qianshen is a scholar of Chinese calligraphy as well as an accomplished calligrapher and seal carver.  He and I have worked on many projects together.  In 1995, I included him in an exhibition I curated titled The Peripatetic Brush: Four Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers and Their Use of the Past (Wesleyan University).  He contributed the calligraphy for The Field of Aki (2004), an artist book that translated a single poem by Hitomaro.  He also contributed a wonderful essay to a book that accompanied an exhibition I curated on the contemporary Chinese calligrapher Hua Rende titled Reflections on Forgotten Surfaces: The Calligraphy of Hua Rende (2005).

WILLIAM BOLCOM:  William Bolcom is a composer and pianist.  In 2000, he contributed a marvelous suite of piano pieces concerning the spirit of the crow for a book titled Bird Spirits.

FRANK BOYDEN:  Frank Boyden is a potter, printmaker, and sculptor.  He is also my father and a very good fisherman.  Over the years, he and I have collaborated on many projects, including several artist books and exhibition catalogues.  In 2006, I contributed an essay titled “Some Observations about Frank Boyden as a Collaborator and Accounts of His Book Projects at Crab Quill Press” to the book Frank Boyden: Prints and Books.

JENNIFER BOYDEN:  Jennifer Boyden is a poet.  She also happens to be my wife, which is very lucky for me.  She and I have worked on several projects including Twenty Views of Cascade Head (2001), Convergences (2003), Evidence of Night (2003), and Roots of Clouds, Transcendence of Stones (2006).

CHANG CH'UNG-HO (張充和):  Chang Ch'ung-ho is a calligrapher and poet.  In 1995, I included her in an exhibition I curated titled The Peripatetic Brush: Four Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers and Their Use of the Past (Wesleyan University).  In 1998-99, I worked closely with her and her husband, Hans H. Frankel, to translate her poetry, which ultimately became one of my first artist books: Peach Blossom Fish: Selected Poems Composed & Calligraphed by Chang Ch'ung-ho (1999).

CHARLES CHU (朱继荣, 1918–2008):  Charles Jirong Chu was a painter, calligrapher, poet, profound teacher, and a really good cook.  He and I collaborated on several projects including The Peripatetic Brush: Four Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers and Their Use of the Past (1995, Wesleyan University), and Twenty Views of Cascade Head (2001).


DAVID DUNCAN: David Duncan is the author of several fine books including The River Why, The Brothers K, and God Laughs and Plays.  I can't tell you what we are working on, other than it involves iron and dreams.


TIMOTHY C. ELY:  Timothy C. Ely is a graphic artist and bookmaker, whose work has interested me for many years.  In 2004, I curated a retrospective exhibition of his work titled The Tables of Jupiter: Graphic Work by Timothy C. Ely and produced a catalogue for the exhibition under the same title.  In 2005, we began to make collaborative paintings and books.  That year, we published the collaborative artist book Near To The Place Where They Should Meet.  In 2009, we collaborated on a series of paintings titled Recapitulations of Emptiness that explore a relationship between Zen and particle physics.  And most recently we have produced another body of paintings titled Squaring the Circle.

SAM HAMILL:  Sam Hamill is a poet, translator, and a very old soul.  Together, he and I produced the artist book Habitations.  This book will be followed by two more titled Terroir and Edible Earth repectively.  I also used his translations of Li Po for my painting series Winecup Meditations (2009).

RENDE HUA (華人德): Hua Rende is a calligrapher and scholar of Chinese calligraphy.  In 2005, I invited him to Whitman College, where he and I taught several courses together.  I also curated an exhibition of his calligraphy and published a monograph on his work titled Reflections on Forgotten Surfaces: The Calligraphy of Hua Rende (2005).


KATHY KUEHN: Kathy Kuehn is a printer and the proprietor of Salient Seedling press.  Kathy taught me how to make books and print with a letter press. My first two books, A Carousel at Birth (1997) and A Mischievity of a Craneflies (1998) were both produced with her.

DANIEL LAMBERTON:  Daniel Lamberton is a writer and professor of English.  He wrote about my work in Two Exhibitions of Paintings by Ian Boyden—Translations from the Azurite and Mirror Over Tunguska (2005).  He and I also worked together to produce the book On the River Through the Valley of Fire (American Museum of Ceramic Art, 2008).

CASEY McCLELLAN: Casey McClellan is a winemaker and the cofounder of Seven Hills Winery in Walla Walla, Washington.  I have designed many of the labels for Seven Hills wines.  In 2007, I worked extensively with Casey and Kevin Pogue to understand the geology and terroir of Eastern Washington.  Ultimately, this lead to the production of an ongoing series of paintings titled Echoes of Earth: Landscapes Interpreting Terroir.

EDWARD MORRIS:  Edward Morris is a writer and the cofounder of The Canary Project.  He and I worked together to produce The Field of Aki.

KEVIN POGUE:  Kevin Pogue is a geologist.  I have worked with Kevin on several projects including Erratics (2002), Echoes of Earth: Landscapes Interpreting Terroir (2007), and Etched in Stone (2008).

MICHAEL RICHARDSON:  Michael Richardson is a writer and computer programmer.  His book Plans for a Mushroom Radio is a must read.  He and I built this site together.

TERRY TOEDTEMEIER: Terry Toedtemeier (1947-2008) was a photographer, curator, and essayist.  He and I worked on several exhibitions together, most notably Roots of Clouds, Transcendence of Stones (2005).  He also wrote about my painting in Meditations on the Breath of Trees (2006).


XUELEI WANG (王學蕾):  Wang Xuelei is a calligrapher and scholar of Chinese calligraphy.  Among our various exploits, we ruined a fine rice cooker trying to make a batch of ink. In 2000, I included his work in an exhibition titled Stone Brushes: Three Calligraphers from Suzhou.